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N. California to Times Square,NY 4,400 miles on horseback for GBS-CIDP!


~Hebrews 12:1~
"Let us run with perseverance the race that is before us"

The reason for Johnny's cross country journey was to raise awareness of GBS/CIDP, a rare disorder of the body's immune system that attacks the peripheral nerves. This rare condition  occurs in only one or two per 100,000 people, one of whom is Johnny's Mother. Sally Warnshuis recently fell victim to the disease, and after 2 years of treatment is still in recovery. Sally is so proud of her son, and supportive of his journey for the cause.

This event coupled with the high unemployment rate this country is suffering, and Johnny's inability to find work, drove him to do something...anything. After some thought Johnny decided that if he was to help his mother and others with this disease, he would have to do something extraordinary. Johnny left with $42.00 and the determination to succeed.

Johnny used two mounts to complete his ride. Sandy, a rescued Mustang was donated by Homer Fagan of Oak Run,  CA  where he runs a horse rescue operation.  "Sandy is the Star of this Mission, having traveled this whole journey by Johnny's  side." 

Traveling across the United States on horseback is nothing new, but the fact remains that it has always been difficult and dangerous. People have even lost their lives doing so. But now with all the fences, private properties, new laws, high speed traffic, and the restrictions of hunting for what you need to survive it’s an even a more arduous task. 

Viewers can follow Johnny's his trek from California to New York  and  help him by contributing to his cause.

He has met so many kind people, has been in  newspapers, had radio interviews and met so many hardworking Americans on the side of small, and large towns alike who have never heard of GBS/CIDP.  In fact approximately 90% of people he has spoken to have never heard of it. It isn't well known, but the Flu vaccine is thought to be a trigger of this disease, and having had the flu shot just a week before, Johnny feels strongly Sally's infection was triggered this way. Please go to for more information!! Awareness of this illness is so important to him, after seeing his mom suffer for nearly a month without even a diagnosis; that he has dedicated more than a year of his life to tell people, teach people and let them know about this deadly disease.

You are encouraged to look at the Google maps, amazing pictures and videos provided by Johnny daily of his ride.

We also encourage you to share this story with others. If you or a family member or friend feels alone in this disease, please feel free to sign, share and connect on our GBS connections page. You may also email us so we can help you connect with others who share in your struggle.

This is what Johnny needs our help with now:
GBS-CIDP victims and families are still so near and dear to Johnny's heart, he has Incorporated Cowboy For A Cure as a non-profit, and is currently working on obtaining a 501c3. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to provide durable medical equipment, and other support to these families for items not covered by insurance. Please help Johnny continue to help others by visiting our donation page, and sharing his Amazing story with others.

You can go to to gain more knowledge and show your support!

Thank You So Much and God Bless,
The Cowboy For a Cure Team
Lucky Kneese & Sherree Hogg

Let God be your Guide He will Not mislead you!!

January 6, 2012
Well here I go again. By the grace of God I will travel on. The love I've encountered from people so far I can never justify with words. I'm overwhelmed  and totally amazed by the Glory of God.~ JW

~ In a freak horse accident Johnny has dislocated his ankle and broken his tibia, and fibula. On Tues Aug 14th he underwent surgery to repair it, gaining two new plates and 15 screws.

 ~Aug 31~ Johnny's stitches were removed today, and in 4 weeks we will get the yay or nay to ride. Check out our latest blog!                                                 

YAAY!! Johnny is back on the trail!!
On Oct 5th Johnny hit the road out of Harrisburg, PA- New Goal: NYC November 10 :)

By the Grace of God, Johnny was able to cross the Hudson yesterday, Nov 12 via Ferry it was late and he rode straight to the stable~ Times Square watch out, he's headed your way Thursday!!

Johnny, with the whole team by his side made his goal!Times Square, NYC November 15,2012!!!!
Johnny is currently in the process of writing his story :)
book coming soon!

You May Contact Us At:
Johnny 775-762-4073
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Lucky 775-530-2211

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