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May 27, 2013
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May 27, 2013

Cowboy Update 

As y'all know Johnny completed his first goal November 2013. Words can't describe how exciting it was to have Sally well enough to be by his side as he rode into Times Square in her honor. When Johnny left he wasn't sure he would ever see his mother again, due to her illness or the severe nature of his ride.

Johnny's second "goal" if you will, and always in the back of his mind; was to be able to see Sally ride again. After all, her love of her horse was one major factor in her will to walk again. Johnny promised her that if he survived this ride, and she worked hard to walk, he would make sure she had her horse Chrissy and she could ride again. I am pleased to share; Goal # 2 has been met :) Sally is back on her horse!!

At the completion of our journey, a few of the opportunities we planned on fell through the cracks. We were out of money and things were starting to feel pretty bleak. Johnny's third goal; to break and train horses in the south seemed to be too distant to reach. We weren't sure what was next, or how we would pull through. We posted our resumes, and asked for help on our site when God's Glory and the power of prayer proved strong. God led us to Amarillo, TX where a C4C friend offered us a small furnished home that was in dire need of repair; which we traded for rent. Within a week we landed a great contract job working together. We loathed the climate and remoteness of Amarillo, but the people there were Amazing! Gracious, giving and kind! We were also only a couple hours from Sandy and some of our best friends. We put our noses down, worked hard and saved every penny we could, still full of hope we would rescue Sally from California and make it back to the southeast. Once again, prayers were answered! C4C friends in the Greensboro area had been sharing our story at their saddle club, and not only were jobs offered, but The Griffiths offered us a place to stay through the summer so we could save some money and find the perfect home. We feel so Blessed! We had saved enough money to head back to NV and CA  and put all of our earthly possessions on a moving truck. We packed up Sally and her horse Chrissy and were South bound at last. Praise be to God! 

Yesterday we were able to connect with a C4C supporter here who has offered us her facility to break/train horses on the weekend... Goal # 3 is in the works.

Johnny started his new job today, and we couldn't be more excited! We look forward to unpacking all of our things and starting a "normal" life together. Time management through the move has been rough, but Johnny is plugging along on his book. Sally has been riding Chrissy every day, and FOX News 8 came out to Sandy Ridge UMC and taped Johnny sharing his testimony yesterday. The follow up interview should air on the evening news tonight. Johnny really enjoys sharing his story, we look forward to speaking at more churches and schools in the area!

We want to thank you all for your continued love and support! It is all of you who have made this ride, and Johnny's mission a success. 

Johnny said it best January, 2012~ The love I've encountered from people so far I can never justify with words. I'm overwhelmed and totally amazed by the Glory of God!


 Hello to all. I would like for every one to know that this is my official first posting. as you know or are now finding out; I rode horse back from northern cal. to new your city. the ride took two horses and I one year and a half. i always said " if i cant find a home and a job by riding my horse across country then I might as well give it up". well I am far from giving up. matter of fact I'm looking to fulfill my next venture. I have been diligently working on writing my book; please refer to Trail Media .com . I would also like to share a Craig s list post that I have been posting daily from state to state. RANCH MANAGEMENT- Johnny Warnshuis- please refer to from northern California a general building contractor of twenty eight years. i am skilled and very well rounded in all aspects of the trade. I have spent a lifetime with horses and mules. some cattle. training experience includes cutting, raining, endurance, and fundamentals. teaching beginner to advanced riding and packing- some clinic work - breaking and join up. great P.R. skills My wife and I are highly motivated. We are willing to move any where in the United States. We believe that we will be a great asset to any employer. please respond to --- Well there it is. I pray this finds its way to you. God bless-- johnny     

December 24,2012- Cowboy Update

The Cowboy Team Wants To Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas!

It's been a while since we checked in, so here goes....

The time just following the Celebration that ensued in New York City was full of many highs and lows. We think the emotional roller coaster the Whole team experienced is beyond explanation. The pride we all felt along with the realization the journey itself was over, we had all put so much time and energy into the ride- it almost created a void- leaving Lucky and Sherree wondering what they'd do with so much free time...and saying so long for now to Lucky, putting him back on the plane home was rough for Everyone!

Johnny, Sherree, Sally and Savannah headed west after the journey. It was really awesome for us to re-unite with many of our Cowboy Friends and family, and it was even more special getting to share Sally with you. We had so much fun, and Seeing Sally's face light up at each new location, and seeing her get to see the east for the first time at her age was priceless! The memories made will never be forgotten!! Our biggest regret was time, there were so many others we would have loved to see, and just couldn't, with friends every 50 miles, we'd have never made it!

As our last blog suggested, we had a couple of home and job opportunities we were counting on that had fallen through the cracks. Almost a month had gone by, Sally had returned home, funds were starting to get low and we were definitely getting nervous. We Prayed for a job and a home for Christmas, and God answered.
A Cowboy friend; Bill from Amarillo, who had continued to remain in contact all year, called with an offer for free rent for a month, and a promise of plenty of job openings in Johnny's, we left Tennessee headed west once again. We were completely bummed to be leaving the south, where our hearts just seem to feel at home, and at the same time feeling some peace knowing we'd have a place to unpack, start our book, and some time to get work. Bitter Sweet really.

We have to admit the reality that our plans hadn't worked out; being back in the desert, the lack of trees; and still with no jobs just a week before Christmas, made the first week here really hard!
Feeling completely bleak, and missing our family back in Reno and Redding, we turned to prayer.
The landscape here in Amarillo might not be so pleasing, but the people are Absolutely Beautiful!!  With a little sweat equity, we were offered two free months rent with utilities. Our friend Bill and his wife have helped to furnish it, and secretly  provided us with fully thoughtful gifts for Savannah- for Christmas.A friend we made looking for work put out a mass email sharing our story and resumes- and the next day we landed well paying work together. We start Wednesday :) Today- gifts that have been lost in the mail showed up, along with love offerings and Wonderful cards from some of our friends....and Shhh! The Aker's have sent Sass the Christmas gift she has asked for the most!!! Y'all have brought tears of joy.

We are more grateful than we could ever express with words!

Last night we were invited to share our story at a local church, the congregation was crazy fun, and it was really neat to be sharing Cowboy for a Cure Again! We came home knowing we might not always get what we want, and especially not always when we want, but God has a plan...

We received what we really wanted for Christmas; peaceful hearts.
Sometimes we forget it is Awesome to be together, we are at peace knowing we have lots of love to give and receive, we have the most amazing friends all across the country, And we now have jobs, full bellies, and a roof....and even a few gifts under the tree too :))

Johnny has started his book, he has some fantastic ideas. It was pretty cool watching Johnny remember weather, people, events and stories as we drove back through. It's crazy thinking every 20 minutes in a car took him a whole day...We are reminiscing over pictures, video, and Google Earth images...and we're having fun watching him play with these stories. We can't wait to be able to share this with you all!

 Here's to a Very Merry and Safe Christmas!
God Bless Each and Every One of You! We love you all!

December 1, 2012

     Well, as you all know by now, Johnny and the Team made it to Time Square. However we did have a big setback when we rode into the city. No media whatsoever. This did break our hearts a bit, but did not break the spirit of the team. We are still all about our work on GBS/CIDP, cancer charities, children's hospitals, and any charity that we can help. In our future we do see a book about the journey and horse training and clinics with a portion of all proceeds going to many different charities.
     As of now Johnny, Sherree, Savannah, and Sally are in Tennessee and are in need of help. Since there was no media in New Jersey or New York, the funds did not come that would have gotten us started did not materialize.Now we need to find jobs and a place to live. If anyone reading this has or knows of job for the cowboy and a home for the team (horses and all), please contact us. As all that know Johnny, Sherree, and Savannah, they are all hard working and determined. We know that times are a little tight right now with the economy and the Christmas season rapidly approaching, but any and all help right now would be more than greatly appreciated. We are praying for work and a home for Christmas.
     God bless one and all. The whole team thanks you for your support in the past and any future assistance.

November 15

Well here I am. The end of this long and crazy venture I set out to do. Although this part of the ride has come to an amazing end the journey has just begun. My mother Sally walked for two days without her cane, then with the help of my dear friend Lucky Kneese she was boosted up and rode behind me on the horse from Times Square back to the stables!!!!! The love of my life has not left my side once since the day I met her. Savannah, well is one of Gods greatest gifts to me. I want every one to know that I appreciate you, I love you and Thank God for not only being with me, but for him being so kind and loving, as to have been with each and every one of you that he introduced you to me.
God Bless until my next feat and we meet again-I love you :}

November 3

This has been a crazy week to say the least! After nearly 4300 miles, the challenges faced within the last 200 have to top em'! From the shattered leg, (2 plates and 15 screws), and a hurricane named after our Mustang, we're scared to ask what else!!
We couldn't be more grateful to have been introduced to Amber and Corey Akers here in Wind Gap, PA. We planned on being here a day or two and due to Hurricane Sandy we have commandeered Mason's room for a week. The whole Akers' family has been wonderful, keeping us all laughing, and with full, warm bellies through this insane storm. We feel blessed, as we only were without power for a couple of days, and have continued to pray for those who we know have had it much worse and are still suffering. 
Yesterday Johnny rode Sandy into Saddle Valley Farm in Bangor, PA. After Farrier and vet care Boog is doing really well, but still favoring his rear left a slight bit, and Johnny feels we should let him heal completely. Although we have the ok to go, we think only strained we'd like him to be completely sound before we work him. We plan on trailering him to wherever we may be shortly, Amber and Corey are spoiling him with love for the mean time.
Tomorrow Johnny hopes to ride from Bangor, PA into Hackettstown, NJ. Corey and a new friend Denise will join him on the trail for the day.

So that leaves us just a week out from friends and family meeting us in Newark, NJ to join us during the finale of this journey into NYC. The feelings we are all having are indescribable at this point; looking back over the past year and a half, and on into the beginnings of the life we are to build together.
As I've said before, words really can't even begin to describe our feelings of gratitude and joy. The love, life, experiences, and lessons we all have experienced are those most will never ever endure! Johnny, Savannah and I are proud to call some of you family, and many of you friends; we know we have truly been Blessed!

One of the questions asked at the last school we all spoke at was," What was the most memorable lesson you have learned; and if you could sum up this whole journey, how would you say it?"

We say,
" Never Ever Quit! Don't give up!"
"Ride Cowboy, Ride"

October 31, 2012

Well, as you all know, we have been in the middle of problems and have been without power and have been in the middle of a major storm, we are all OK. It has has been a very trying time, but has turned out to be ok. When the power comes back up, Sherree  will be back in charge of doing the blog. Until then, just know that we are all OK and will keep trying to keep you informed. Thanks to all and we love all that keep us in their prayer

Prayers to all,
Cowboy For A Cure Team    

October 24

Johnny, Sherree, Savannah and the team spent the last week just outside of Kutztown, PA with The Chavous family who fed the whole team well, and made sure we were well rested and showered. We fell in love with the whole family and are so grateful for their support.While we were there Bob Hazzard provided new shoes all the way around, and Family friends of the Chavous'; the Heller family, asked us to speak at both of their boy's schools while we were there. The kids at both schools were lots of fun, and all were full of great questions for Johnny and Savannah! We know Devan and Austin enjoyed us sharing with their friends. Thanks boys for the invite!
Yesterday, the 23rd Johnny, Sandy and Boog rode from Kutztown, PA through Allentown and into Willow Brook Farm in Northampton, PA. It was a good 23 mile day through the city, and our team met some fantastic people along the way! Look for the news story on our in the news page and online in The Morning Call tomorrow.
Whip, Holly and EVERYONE here at Willow Brook have been wonderful, and Sandy and Boog are feeling Great after their baths today. We plan on resting up here another day or two, and moving on...
As always we are counting our blessings!!Glory to God for all of you!

October 14

On Oct 8 Johnny rode out of the Mix place in Annville, PA to Mr Ken DeWees' place in Myerstown where he put the horses up for a couple of days. Ken was an amazing host, and we are proud to call him our friend. On the 10th Johnny rode into the Mountain Springs Arena in Shartlesville, PA where Rich Miller boarded our team. We planned on riding into Allentown on the 11th, but with invite we decided to stick around for the APRA Rodeo Finals being held there at Mountain Springs. Chris Prange the APRA President invited Johnny to tell his story just before opening ceremonies, and allowed him to share our testimony at Cowboy Church this morning.
We are so grateful for all that has been shared with our whole team, from amazing meals, gas money, and horse boarding; to Prayers and fellowship. We couldn't have come this far without God and each and everyone of you!
Johnny will ride out of Shartlesville, PA tomorrow headed toward Allentown.

Words could Never begin to express our gratitude!! Thank You All.

God Bless

Oct 5

Well, today was Johnny's first day back on the trail since his accident, and he did Great!! 

Johnny rode out of the Farm Show Complex, where he left off on Aug 6 at about 10 am. He rode up Hwy 22 out of Harrisburg, making the full 18 miles into the Mix home. Sandy and Boog did great, it was as if they haven't missed even a day. They made it in early this evening full of smiles. FANTASTIC job team!! 
Johnny will keep off his feet and we will spoil Sands and Boog this weekend, with plans to ride on Monday.

Huge Thanks to Everyone who supported our team today, from Heather and Jim for the trailer ride, to those of you who stopped to share support, and even those of you who were there in Spirit. As Always we appreciate your prayers. Your love and support mean the world to Johnny and our team!!

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